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Documents Show 6 UCSB Employees Violated Title IX Policy

Six UC Santa Barbara faculty and staff members violated sexual violence and harassment policy between January 2013 and April 2016, according to documents obtained by the Nexus on Wednesday. UCSB and nine other UC campuses first released Title IX documents on Tuesday in response to a California Public Records Act request made by the Daily Californian over a year ago.
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Over 1,000 UC Santa Barbara Students Protest After Trump Elected President

Approximately 1,000 UC Santa Barbara students took to the streets in protest early Wednesday morning after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. The crowd formed on the San Nicolas Residence Hall lawn at 1 a.m. Wednesday, shortly after election results were confirmed. Students soon began running out of the residence halls toward the University Center to join a crowd that swarmed through the Pardall Tunnel into Isla Vista.
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Bluff Collapse Leaves 28 Residents Without Homes

A bluff collapse on Sunday evening that left 28 residents without a secure home has UC Santa Barbara students scrambling to find new housing by Thursday. The bluff was a communal backyard for the nine units on 6653 Del Playa Drive, known as The Oasis housing. After emergency personnel responded to the sudden collapse Sunday, a Santa Barbara County building inspector determined that Units 1, 4, 5 and 9 would be evacuated to preserve the residents’ safety.
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Missing UCSB Professor Found Safe

An adjunct UCSB professor who went missing Friday night was found safe Tuesday evening in a Pasadena hospital. Angela Karmis, 32, went missing Friday after informing a friend that she was returning to the house of another friend, Justin Steinfadt. Friends and colleagues of Karmis organized a search party on Tuesday evening, and Steinfadt informed the Nexus Wednesday morning that although “the details aren’t clear yet exactly how she made it down there,” Karmis’ location had been determined.
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Interview with Man Who Helped UCSB Student After Attempted Suicide

Santa Barbara resident Jeffrey Brown was biking on his usual route from Hope Ranch to the Bacara Resort when a woman flagged him down for help at the western end of Ellwood Bluffs, asking if he had a knife. She directed him toward a Eucalyptus grove, where a man was hanging from a rope tied to a tree, with his feet approximately three feet from the ground.
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UCSB Administration, County Police Attribute Low Crime Rates to Student Volunteers

Final numbers from the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department showed Halloween weekend arrests, citations and medical transports in Isla Vista down more than 80 percent from 2013. UC Santa Barbara administrators, local law enforcement and student organizers attributed the dramatic decrease to community efforts directing partygoers away from the streets of I.V. for Halloween activities.
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Former UCSB Lecturer Seeks a Permanent Home

After cycling through six homes in three months, Angela Karmis wound up in a Pasadena hospital on July 15, unaware that “missing” posters with her photo were surfacing throughout Santa Barbara. Karmis, 32, grew up in a small town in Illinois and moved to California in 2005 to begin a doctorate program in physics at UC Santa Barbara.
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